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Link / Description Category Language
Historical Vehicles (Fire, Rescue, Police, Disaster Relief) Originals / Gallery DE
Vehicles of Fire, Rescue, Police, Disaster Relief Originals / Gallery DE
Collection of Ambulances (Van Thiel, Antwerp, Belgiun) Gallery NL, FR, EN
Historical Red-Cross-Vehicles from Leipzig, Germany Originals / Information DE
Russian Ambulances Gallery EN
German Red Cross Niederkassel, interesting Originals Originals / Information DE
Background Car Manufacturer FRAMO Originals / Information DE
Adrian Gawronek's East-European Model-Car-Collection Gallery / Links DE
ARudolf Lohwasser's Model-Car Homepage Gallery / Information / Links DE
Link List for Model-Car-Homepages Links DE
87thscale.info: Information around model cars in scale 1:87  Information EN
ho-modelle.de: Pages from Godwin T. Petermann Information / Shop / Links DE
1zu87-modelle.de, Pages from Thomas Sommer Information / Links / Gallery / Shop DE, EN
Models of Army- and Fire-Brigade in perfection Gallery / Information DE
DRK Oldtimer e.V., Club to support old (20+) vehicles of the German Red Cross. Originals / Information DE
Die Rheinhessen Kriecher, Red Cross Oldtimers from Alzey, Germany Originals / Information DE
Interessengemeinschaft für historischen Luft- und Katastrophenschutz, historical disaster Relief and civile protection Originals / Information DE
Red Cross Oldtimer from Ahlen, Germany Originals / Information DE
Wiking Büssing MAN Models and Originals Gallery / Information DE
wiking-modelle.de, Wiking Model Cars Wiking Catalog DE
Infos about Products of former German Democratic Republic, i.e. about manufacturers like ESPEWE (model cars) und  Barkas (car brand)  Information DE
Transparent, foldable Packages for model-cars (SchaNo Erwin Noll) Shop DE
THW Organisation and Vehicles, Federal Disaster-Relief-Organisation for technical help  Information, Gallery DE
Tony Matelliano's Scale Model Index Links EN
Modellautolkw.de, everything around Trucks (incl. historical Trucks) Information / Links / Gallery DE
Logistical Unit of the Vlanmish Red Cross in Belgium Originals NL
Air-Rescue models (1:32 und 1:48) Gallery DE
Scalemodel, International Directory of model-car pages Information / Links EN
Model cars (fire, rescue, red cross, busses) of Luxembourg by Yves Marx Links / Gallery DE, EN
Paper-Models of japanese Fire-Trucks and an ambulance Print-Templates JP
EMS in Luxembourg Information / Links / Gallery DE
International Oldtimer Gallery, Russia Links / Gallery EN
Ford T-Modell Ambulance US-Army WW I Originals EN
EMS in the Netherlands Information / Originals / Gallery NL, EN, DE
History of Rescue-Service in Potsdam, Germany, with Pictures Information / Originals DE
Russ. Model-Car-Collection from Thomas Seisum Information / Gallery DE
Model Cars Malteser Hagen am Teutoburger Wald Information / Gallery DE

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